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Mediterranean refreshing drink, made with traditional wines of Tempranillo and Grenache with a selection of the finest natural extracts of citrus and tropical fruits. No reservatives or artificial coloring, 100% natural.

SangrĂ­a Lafiesta is a enjoyable summer drink which cleverly mixes two jewels that are linked in Mediterranean culture: wine and citrus fruits.

Its intense citrus fruit aromas are mixed with those of very ripe red fruit, with hints of orange blossom evoking spring.

Sangria Lafiesta is available in format DOY PACK 1 liter and 1,5 liters. Doypack is a sealed plastic bag that is designed to stand up.

The reason for this container is to keep the drink with all its attributes of quality and the bag collapses as it empties, thus preventing product contact with air.

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