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Sangria Lolea


使用传统工艺酿造之"桑格利亚"酒,采用精选的赤霞珠,梅洛葡萄, 蔗糖, 新鲜橙汁及柠檬沐汁, 以及小量肉桂香料,供贵客享用,冰凍飲更佳。
“罗利亚” 是社交聚会, 庆祝和欢乐的同义字。它能令到聚会更完美,适度的酒精含量、
风格清新的水果风味使 “罗利亚” 成为完美的鸡尾酒。

A recognised leader in colour and design from the start, Sangria Lolea has become a preferred supplier for the best Spanish retailers and restaurants. Among the customers in Spain are the gourmet shops at “El Corte Ingles”, the biggest department store group in Europe.

Sangria Lolea is a refreshing ready to drink wine cocktail made with traditional Spanish wines and a selection of the finest natural extracts of citrus and tropical fruits. Slightly frizzante, it is 100% natural and has no preservatives or artificial coloring.


Technical Sheet

LOLEA Red N1 techsheet

Point Of Sale Displays

Sangria Lolea POS display


Sangria Lolea Merchandising



We are looking for collaboration and partnership opportunities in China.
Great potential in supermarkets as well as on-trade premises.
Proven success in Hong Kong leading supermarkets and pubs.

  • Trendy fashion design
  • Refreshing fruit flavor
  • Low alcohol (only 7%)
  • Frizzante (slightly sparkling)

Exactly what young affluent customers are looking for!

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