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Duck & Goose

The care and the caress in the elaboration of the products, together with the meticulous selection of the row materials of the highest quality, joined to the most modern technologies, characterize the past and the present of Patés Piparra Zubia.

We feel very proud of that Patés and Piparra Zubia, handcrafted production made with our enthusiasm and hard work, can be consumed in every house. The most demanding palates have confirmed the exquisite quality of our products.

The range of preserved products features delicious duck thighs, manchons (the base of the duck wing), gizzards and wings cooked in their own fat, and various presentations of foie gras, such as the whole liver, duck foie gras with truffles, foie gras with pieces, etc. We also produce mouth-watering sauces and a line of patés, featuring goose, duck, pork, wild boar,deer, etc.

Duck and goose pates and products

Duck and goose pates and products

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