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Fish pearls

Fish Pearls

Fish Pears from Cataliment is the leading candidate to stimulate Retail sales in the “Caviars, fish roes and fresh fish” department and satisfy today’s discerning customer looking for sustainable and affordable high quality seafood products.
The Spanish company Cataliment, a leader in transforming sea food, and a global innovator in its sector, is located in the Murcia region.
Murcia is known for its long tradition and cultural diversity in sea food at the Mediterranean Sea. The company Cataliment has obtained certifications from BRC, IFS, MSC and APPCC.

“PERLAS” product range. Pearls made of smoked fish and vegetable ingredients:

  • Wide range of 10 products: smoked mackerel, salmon, sturgeon, truffle, tomato, spicy, and 3 specific products for Asian dishes (soya, wasabi and yuzu)
  • Available in retail and also foodservice size for restaurants and hotels who want to easily “decorate” a dish and imprint a personal touch.
  • Shelf life: 18 months (refrigerated)
  • MSC certified (the most trusted and recognized indicator of seafood sustainability)
  • We have obtained certifications from BRC, IFS and MSC

Cataliment product range 2016 - FISH

Cataliment product range 2016 - VEGETABLES

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