From January 27th – 29th, MadridFusión did once again serve as a professional meeting point for scores of renowned chefs from all over the world, who flocked to this annual event to exchange culinary techniques, ideas, concepts and much more.

I love this annual conference, which is currently in its eleventh year. Not only does it touch on some of the hottest topics in haute cuisine, including culinary inspirations, techniques, products, ideas and more, but it also brings together the very best names from the Spanish culinary world, including the likes of Joan Roca, Sergi Arola, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Marcos Morán, Ángel Leon, José Andrés, Eneko Atxa, Elena Arzak, Josean Alija and many more.

Parallel to MadridFusion, more than 100 wine-related companies displayed their products in EnoFusion, Madrid’s wine fair.
One of the main protagonists of the event is The Wine Center , a place for discussion, reflection and analysis about the future of different markets. A place where are saved great memories such as lengenday tastings, as well as strategies that have shaped the present of some wineries.
I enjoyed several wine tastings and conferences!!

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